Essential Facts About Cathay Employees You Don’t Know

October 19, 2022 Off By nellie

Employees are a great resource in any company. Every company strives to ensure its employees are provided with the right psychological, financial, moral, and professional support to help improve their productivity. Cathay employees are not an exception.

From an intensive selection process to training and professional development, Cathay employees are part of the recipe for the premier position of the airline. Most importantly, there are essential facts about Cathay Pacific employees that you might not have known.

Who owns Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific’s principal shareholder is Swire Pacific. Swire Pacific has a 45{c472013bdc6060a256956c978a5964eaeea517a820db6b286ecbc9535a1a42eb} shareholding. Air China is the following main shareholder, with 29.99{c472013bdc6060a256956c978a5964eaeea517a820db6b286ecbc9535a1a42eb} of the shares. A major grouping was formed through the strategic partnership between the two principal shareholders. The company CEO is August Tang Kin Wing as of August 2019.

How many employees does Cathay Pacific have?

Cathay Pacific has more than six thousand cabin crew that flies the current operation. The current number of employees is lower than the usual number of employees that work at the airline. The number reduced following the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the company to release some employees.

However, recently Cathay Pacific held an open recruitment day after the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. The airline sought to hire four thousand new employees at the frontline and two thousand new cabin crew.

New employees yet to be absorbed in the airline will allow the company to balance its current operational needs. For two years the company will be able to meet its operational needs efficiently.

How does Cathay Pacific hire new employees?

Cathay uses various processes during their selection, which vary across the roles. Regardless of the difference in selection processes across multiple positions, the core goal is usually achieving an excellent candidate experience. Therefore, each candidate undergoes a similar experience during the selection process.

Suppose you want to apply for a position at Cathay Pacific; you will get constant communication between the stages of selection. Quick outcomes shall follow these communications. This selection process is essential in distinguishing Cathay Pacific from other airlines.

After the Cathay Pacific selection process, the company shall take the successful employees through the onboarding process. At this stage, the airline shall provide the employees with the proper tools for succeeding in the Cathay Pacific employee journey.

How to succeed in a Cathay Pacific airline interview?

 Acing an interview is every interviewee’s desire when seeking a job—conducting enough preparation before the interview will go a long way toward your success in the interview. To succeed in an interview at Cathay Pacific, you need to follow specific guidelines.


Conduct enough research on Cathay Pacific and the specific position you will apply for. Promising research in the position will allow you to understand what the precise position requires. Moreover, you will be able to assess whether the job you applied for is the right choice for you. Most importantly, it would help if you looked at the questions critically to learn the company’s specific requirements.

Groom and Arrive on Time

Your dress code and first impression tell a lot about you. Be sure to dress well and neat before you arrive for the interview. Early preparation allows you to figure out the interview location and requirements and prepare your documents and clothes in advance.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Prior research about the airline will help you have comprehensive knowledge about Cathay Pacific. It would be best if you showed precise knowledge about the airline by relating your profile to Cathay Pacific’s. This knowledge will show how relevant you can be to the airline.