Positive Impact of Marijuana in Indonesia

February 15, 2019 Off By nellie

Marijuana is identical to a bad thing. That’s what is in the minds of our people. Even after being investigated, marijuana has many benefits. Starting to become flavoring, retaining landslides, to become fuel. We see that the quality of Indonesian marijuana is the best in the world. Therefore, we want to prove that if marijuana abroad can be utilized positively, what about in Indonesia itself.

We study from all disciplines. We will see from other countries that have used marijuana in a positive form. There have even been a number of countries that have legalized Recreational Marijuana. We are compatible with our country. Some countries that have utilized marijuana can positively increase the country’s foreign exchange. Cannabis can be used for industry both for cooking spices and even for fuel. Starting from cannabis leaves, cannabis twigs, cannabis roots can all be utilized positively. The roots are very deep translucent. So that it can withstand landslides. The sloping hill can be stuck with its roots.

Cannabis has a positive impact on health. That is why marijuana can still be used for medical purposes in a number of countries or states that have not yet legalized marijuana. More than 200 diseases can be treated with Medical Marijuana. Among them are insomnia, stuttering, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Cannabis plants are very easy to plant. Cannabis can also fertilize plants. Cannabis does not require pesticides because it has the ability to reject pests.

The National Cancer Institute says that marijuana can be used to overcome the side effects of chemotherapy, prevent nausea and vomiting, increase appetite, reduce pain, and improve sleep quality. Business Insider also called other benefits of marijuana for health. Among them are preventing blindness due to glaucoma, controlling epilepsy, and reducing excessive anxiety. The chemical cannabidiol in marijuana is considered to prevent the spread of cancer, and THC active substances can reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s disease.

The effects produced on public health depend on how often it uses marijuana. Another factor that should be considered to be a research variable is the use carried out simultaneously with alcohol (which has the potential to increase damage), the potential for other illegal drugs, and the number of teenagers who use it.

So, actually, the positive use is very much, the important thing is not to violate the rules for use. But still, the Government must make its laws to legalize marijuana carefully so that there is still a maximum limit on its use, and with age above 21 years.