5 Ways to Travel the World in Style

June 17, 2018 Off By nellie

So, Ryan Air have just increased their seating charge AGAIN, meaning you now must pay double to choose who you get to sit with. If these price hikes continue to rise, it won’t be long before it’s more expensive to travel on a budget airline than your own private yacht! And this got me thinking, how are we going to travel when budget airlines finally outprice themselves? Well, read on for my selection of the most stylish way to travel the globe.

Atlantis Submarines

Currently at only 12 vessels, the Atlantis fleet is still damn exclusive. But for only $100 you can get a spot on these submarines that look as though they’ve come straight tout of a Jules Verne novel.

There are loads of great tours to choose from in either Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Guam. The vessels can dive down to depths of 100 feet where you’ll be able to witness stunning underwater scenery littered with exotic marine life and spooky shipwrecks! Any young budding Capt. Nemos can get half price access, and for an extra $50 you can even combine an underwater cruise with snorkelling.

Virgin Galactic

If your sense of adventure exceeds the limitations of gravity, soon you’ll be able to venture out of the atmosphere with Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo. Currently priced at some very reasonable $250 thousand dollars, a trip into sub orbital space will see you hurtling around the globe at speeds of up to Mach 5.

Although tickets are on sale, the first departure from the California spaceport hasn’t been scheduled yet. However, both Richard Branson and CEO George Whitesides both think it’s realistic to expect a 2018 virgin voyage.

Luxury Yachts

If your fed up of queuing to check in, having your baggage lost, paying exorbitant extras, and the general stress of airports, why not buy a Yacht?

Nothing can beat the freedom and relaxation of sunbathing on the deck of your own private vessel. And you can moor up literally anywhere you fancy. Barcelona today, Monaco tomorrow, then the Amalfi Coast by the weekend? All without stepping foot near an airport? Bliss!

Trans-Siberian Railway

There really isn’t a better way to see the world’s largest country, but if you think the seven days it takes to get from Moscow to Vladivostok is a little too much adventure in one go, you can always stop off at multiple cities along the way.

A one way first class ticket will set you back £800, but why slum it? There is the option of the Golden Eagle luxury train experience. For £10,795 you can be shuttled across Russia in the lap of luxury. You’ll sleep in a double bed, have access to en-suite rooms, and be serenaded by harp players in the dining cars.

Koenigsegg Agera RS

If it’s the ultimate in sleek design and style that you’re after, you can’t improve on the world’s most expensive automobile, the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

I’d be scared to drive this work of art out my garage, but if you’ve got 2.1 million and more confidence in your driving than I do, then this is the car for you!