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Traveling for food is not uncommon for people to do. People who love food sometimes love to try new flavors, recipes, or methods of making food. This means that they might travel to get these experiences and need information around making these travel decisions.

Food travel blogs and websites help these food adventurers make great food travel decisions by providing information and resources that are helpful.

On, users give insights into discovering food recipes from blogs and websites. They also give reviews of their experiences with buying food online.

There are various food travel blogs and websites that help people navigate places for food, and explore recipes that satisfy their taste buds. Listed below are 5 of the top food travel blogs and websites in 2021.

1.      Authentic Food Quest

Authentic Food Quest is owned by two digital nomads and culinary explorers to help people explore local culture through food whether they travel to those places, or in their countries. Their food travel website is among the top websites for food travel in 2021. On the site, there is a lot of content covering different types of food that travelers can try when on their trips, the benefits of such foods, and ways to make them.

2.      Bacon is Magic

With over two hundred thousand monthly readers, the Bacon is Magic food travel website provides relevant information on where to eat, what to eat, and how to eat it, whenever they are on vacation. Owned by a lover of adventure who refers to the community as food hunters, and has a team of amazing contributors, Bacon is Magic serves as a reservoir of information for travelers who have questions about the food in their destinations.

3.      The Travel Bite

Building a brand as someone who helps people discover new recipes whether home or abroad, and also helping them plan their desired culinary vacation, Rachelle and Pete – owners of the blog – curate great food content. To inspire delicious adventure for people, the duo started The Travel Bite and documented most of their food experiences in various places around the world.

4.      2foodtrippers

According to their slogan – We eat. We travel. We eat and travel. – Daryl and Mindi Hirsch share their food travel experiences on their award-winning travel blog, 2foodtrippers. In their words, “food travel is the best travel.” This is reinforced by all the amazing food travel content on their blog, that helps food lovers or food travelers discover amazing food or food recipes that are great for their taste buds.

5.      NapaFoodGalTravels

Dynie, the owner of NapaFoodGalTravels, said “I am in constant search of new sounds, new sights, and new flavors in this amazing world we live in.” This inspires her decision to share these experiences with other people. The blog is packed with content about food travel and how food travelers can navigate the world, finding food and drinks that taste amazing.


Food travel is a way for people to discover food from different places, and experience people’s culture and how much it is influenced by their food.